Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Other Members of F.T. Island Can Sing?

F. T Island

Yes they can! Two members of F.T.Island, Lee Jae Jin and Choi Seung Hyun were guests on the show Challenge! 1000 Songs. Fans always see Hongki sing the whole song on stage but this time Hongki was not even present. The two stood on their own and sang very well. All the notes were hit and the only times they messed up was because they couldn't remember lyrics, not because their key was off. Even though Hongki outshines them a lot, they seem to maintain their talent. At the show, they flaunted all they've got.

They even rapped to 1TYM's Hot. They really pulled off the stage on their own and I'm so impressed. I knew F.T.Island was a band that couldn't dance and I thought the other four members played instruments for a reason but I guess they are all talented. It really shows what kind of basic skills you must have to become an idol.

Watch the videos of JaeJin and SeungHyun singing!
Thanks to ental and jinnienomuyeppo02 for the videos.

"Hot" Originally by 1Tym

"This Song" Originally by 2AM

"Coward" Originally by Buzz

"Love Leaves A Scent" Originally by Tei

"Wave" Originally by U.N.

"Because You Are My Girl" Originally by Lee Seung Gi

"I Know" Originally by Seo Taji

"Love Affection" Originally By Flower

I really hope to see all members of F.T.Island show all they got on stage in the future.

Thanks to Sarang for the tip