Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kara’s Nicole to Succeed Lee Hyori?

Kara's Nicole, as we already know, is quite popular with other artistes and is arguably the strongest dancer out of the group. However, do you think this butt-shaker is qualified for such an honor?

What stemmed this question was her confession on an upcoming episode of EBS "Star English" wherein she chose the celebrity whom she wants to emulate the most as none other than the contemporary sexy queen herself.

"On stage, she performs like a pro," Nicole praised of Lee Hyori, "while off stage, her easy-going image is fun to watch and is something I admire. I want to become an artist like her so I can leave a good impression on my fans for a long time."

She even chose Hyori's tango partner, Rain, as the singer she wanted to collaborate with: "Ever since I watched one of his live performances prior to my debut, it has become my dream to work with him."

In addition, Kara's bubbly mascot shared a brief autobiography about her life in the states and her journey leading up to where she is now.

Nicole, who was born and raised in Glendale, California, moved to Korea only 3 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. "I was active in sports and had a lot of interest in orchestra," she revealed during the program. "As I grew older, however, I began to develop a passion for dance over sports." She found, that the best thing since coming to Korea was meeting good friends.

On her flattering body transformation, Nicole replied, "I am on a Danish diet. I want to show a positive image to the fans. Compared to our debut, how I look on camera got a lot better."

According to one of the company's representatives, "Nicole worked very hard for the group's comeback.Through proper diet and exercising, she lost about 4-5 kg."

"I've heard many people compliment my body after the weight loss," she added. "Even netizens said I looked 'sexy.' I have never had much self-confidence to begin with so I was genuinely surprised by their comments."

When asked about the one trait that sets Kara apart from the other girl groups, Nicole answered, "Fans of Kara say they feel a certain level of closeness with us."

We can't wait for the episode to be released on the 24th!
Source: allkpop