Wednesday, September 30, 2009

G-Dragon Voted Most Overrated?

big bang
Singer and song writer to be exact. Male group Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon has been voted to be the next most overrated singer/songwriter.

Via portal site, dcINSIDE, there was a poll taking place from September 22 to the 29th. The poll's question was "The next most overrated singer/songwriter is?"

The results were a shocking 8,133 out of 15,467 votes went towards G-Dragon, (which amounted to 52.6% of the total votes).

Others on the list include:
2nd place: JYP with a total of 1049 votes (6.8%)
3rd place: Lee Minwoo(M) with a total of 1007 votes (6.5%)
4th place: MC Mong with a total of 966 votes (6.2%)

Again fans, don't treat this too seriously.
Source: allkpop