Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaejoong and Micky are on top of the Oricon

With a sales figure of 103,940, Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun's new single album "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony / Shelter" crushed the competition on it's debut on the Oricon Daily Charts. VAMPS was a distant second place with nearly 90,000 less sales, selling 13,962 units. Kawamura Ryuuichi came in at third with a sales figure of 6,521 units.
This number is extremely impressive because the single was released earlier in the month in Digital form and downloads exceeded 250,000. Also, according to some reports, if you include the DVD sales of "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony / Shelter," the sales figure surpasses 180,000.

Wow, even without the full 5 members of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki, they can have such high sales figures. It shows you their immense popularity in Japan right now.
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Battle’s Taehwa “Fallen Angels” Teaser

Battle's Zin Taehwa will be making his solo debut this October while the other group members are on hiatus with various commitments.

With the first teaser being just a short introductory video to announce his arrival as a solo singer, the second teaser for his title song, Fallen Angels offers much more as we hear him sing a few lines plus his dance cheoreography. With a title like Fallen Angels, we can see that he is all angel-like with his white concept in one instance, and morphing into a black devilish-like concept in another.

credit: hwanghyun

His first solo album will drop on 6th October.
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SNSD Release Samyang Ramyun CFs

We reported last week that the ever popular 9 girls of SNSD had been chosen to endorse Samyang Ramyun.

And the CFs have finally been released.

To make it special, they produced a special 'Boiling' song for the CF which has an easy and addictive melody. Along with the 'Boiling' song, a matching 'Boiling' dance was also cheoreographed for the CF as well. The slogan for the CF goes like this, 'Friendly Ramyun, SamYang Ramyun. If You're My Friend, SamYang Ramyun', how cute is that!

And to make good use of the 9 girls, they even filmed 4 separate endings for it.

The following two videos are behind the scenes from the CF filming.

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G-Dragon Voted Most Overrated?

big bang
Singer and song writer to be exact. Male group Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon has been voted to be the next most overrated singer/songwriter.

Via portal site, dcINSIDE, there was a poll taking place from September 22 to the 29th. The poll's question was "The next most overrated singer/songwriter is?"

The results were a shocking 8,133 out of 15,467 votes went towards G-Dragon, (which amounted to 52.6% of the total votes).

Others on the list include:
2nd place: JYP with a total of 1049 votes (6.8%)
3rd place: Lee Minwoo(M) with a total of 1007 votes (6.5%)
4th place: MC Mong with a total of 966 votes (6.2%)

Again fans, don't treat this too seriously.
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Jung Il Woo Narrates for Dynamic Duo

You may have seen our proud young star, Jung Il Woo, on your television screen, but have you ever listened to him from your headphones? I say not, but you will soon.

Jung Il Woo volunteered to narrate for the title song, 'That Damn Guy', of Dynamic Duo's fifth album, planning to uncover its veils on the 6th of October. With the release date just around the corner, the album will be named, "Triple Dynamite". It's pretty self-explanatory who the third Dynamite is.
Jung Il Woo and Dynamic Duo (Choi Ja and Gaeko) are known for their sincere friendship, ultimately resulting in this surprise narrating. Of course, for an actor like him, karaoke scenes in dramas are probably the closest they've got to singing. Even if it is a narration which requires much less vocal, it still wouldn't be easy for Jung Il Woo.

Jung Il Woo revealed "It was very difficult for me to deliver my emotions through my voice. Being in the recording studio and away from the set, the tension was much higher. However, new experiences always give me the butterflies. I really enjoyed the recording."

He also added, "The songs included in their new album are amazing. I think it will be a hit", showing his passion and love towards the Dynamic Duo.

It almost seems like a trend for the non-singers to feature a song, and end up showing their singing potential hidden beneath their great talents in acting. Hoping this will follow to Jung Il Woo as well, I can't wait to listen to their undefeatable hip-hop come alive again.
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Jang Nara Drops To 38kg

28 year old Jang Nara (many of you should've heard her name because she was famous back in the day) had recently been cast for a movie called "The Sky and the Sea". For her role, she had to lose approximately 15 pounds (7kg). Her weight had gone down from 45kg to 38kg.

Due to the sudden weight-loss, she had fainted at the airport and was taken to the hospital (it wasn't a serious issue though). She had planned to regain the weight back after the filming was over but people had been saying that she looked better without those extra pounds, so she has decided to maintain her current weight.

Look at the picture above.

The left side is her in 2003. The right side is a fairly new picture taken in July, BEFORE her weight drop. Imagine looking at her now. A woman in her late 20's, with the weight of a 12 year old girl.
Lets hope she realizes that she is at a health-risk and decides to gain her weight back.
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Rain’s Shanghai Concert Is A Scam

More trouble for Worldstar Rain.

J.Tune Entertainement has released an announcement about the ticket sales for Rain's Shanghai Concert.

"The site selling the Shanghai Concert tickets is not a seller with a contract from us and we would like to inform you that this is a scam. We do not have any concerts in Shanghai at the moment."

The scam site is from China and they are selling fake tickets for Rain's Asia Tour that starts this October 9th in Seoul. There is also a site from Japan that is selling a travel package called "The Legend of Rainism" that is for the Seoul concert, but J.Tune Entertainment has reported that this is a scam as well.

Just to let you know Rain's Asia Tour is only in Seoul and Hong Kong, if there are any sites that sell tickets that are not in these cities, then it is a scam.

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JYP meets with Jaebeom!


Rumors have been circling for the past few days that JYP himself, would be flying to Seattle to meet and speak with former 2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom).

According to Newsen, we now have confirmation that the producer had met and shared a meal with Jay and his family on the 29th of September in Seattle.

A representative from JYPE confirmed by saying:

"On his way to New York, Park Jin Young made a quick stop in Seattle and met with Jaebeom and his family. They had a meal together, but what was discussed during their time together is unknown."

When asked about the 6 member 2PM and their future activities, the representative responded by saying that nothing has been decided yet.

So what does this meeting mean? Will Jaebeom return to Korea to resume his leadership or was it just a friendly visit? No one knows for sure, except JYP, Jay, and his family, but it's sure to stir up his fans and the Kpop community.
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Big Bang Back on Korean TV After 10 Months Absence

big bang
Big Bang has been working hard on their Japan promotions as well as solo projects and are planning to return to the Korean scene on T.V! Sadly, not with a new album.

The five-member group will come back as part of the upcoming Chuseok special on SBS. This is a surprise appearance since they were not supposed to have Korean activities for most of 2009.

As many already knew, G-Dragon and 2NE1 performed on a special stage for the highly anticipated Idol Big Show, an episode to be revealed on October 3rd. This is a performance unlike any you have seen before! Are you excited?

As this is a pre-recorded performance, it has been reported that G-Dragon performed "Breathe", "Hello" with Dara, and "1 Year Station". Then 2NE1 followed up with "Fire" drum music/rhythmic version as well as "Let's Go Party" from their 1st Mini Album. "Let's Go Party" has not been performed live yet so that's definitely something to look forward to.

Then the surprise arrival of Big Bang had many fans shocked, because no one had any idea they were coming. They were there to support their fellow YG Family members, 2NE1 and their brother G-Dragon. The group sang "Last Farewell" with 2NE1 as well as their song, "How Gee".

Wait till October 3rd for more coverage!
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Lee Hongki To Continue F.T. Island Activities While Acting

F. T Island

Having recently been confirmed for an acting role in SBS idol drama, You're Beautiful, premiering on 7th October, Lee Hongki will still be continuing his activities with his group, F.T. Island. Lee Hongki is playing the role of an overseas Korean from England called Kang On Yu/Jeremy.

According to F.T. Island's management, F&C Music, "Many fans were speculating about whether F.T. Island will halt their promotions for the time being after Lee Hongki was selected for 'You're Beautiful'. That is not true because F.T. Island will be having a Korea concert tour at the end of the year. In preparation, Lee Hongki will be rehearsing for that with his other F.T. Island members until then. So please wait in anticipation."

F. T Island

You're Beautiful will end around late November or early December.

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New Girl Group: Lady Collection revealed!

I'm sure many of you remember our story on Lady Collection, the new 3-female member vocal group, that is set to debut in October.

Well, the ladies have finally revealed themselves and released a teaser mv for their debut track "Watch secretly (훔쳐보기)."

Consisting of members Jieun (JC), Eli (앨리) and Sei (세이), the 3 ladies supposedly have amazing vocals and will be the next SeeYa. On a side note, I just romanized the names, and am not sure how they will officially spell them, so take that with a grain of salt.

As for their label, earlier reports stated that they were from YG Entertainment, but there may have been confusion on that end, as JC was originally in YG Entertainment. Their label is unconfirmed as of yet.

Track list
01. Ladysh (레이디쉬)
02. 훔쳐보기-슬픈말
03. Poker Face
04. 아는 오빠
05. 그 누구보다

Are you feeling them?
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Big Bang filming a new MV?

big bang
Is Big Bang filming a new MV? There have been some rumors that they are after photos of the boys filming surfaced on the internet. It looks like Daesung has recovered nicely and was healthy enough to be present for the shoot as well... however there was one Big Bang person missing. TOP, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung were all present but G-Dragon wasn't. He probably was busy because of his HEARTBREAKER promotions and his scenes will probably be filmed at a later date.

So what do you think this is for? People are speculating that it's for Taeyang's new MV for his upcoming solo release. When we find out the truth, we'll let you know. It's also good to see Daesung back again.
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Jaejoong and Micky COLORS off shot movie

Here's a pretty cool video for you Jaejoong and Micky fans. It's an off-shoot video featuring the duo during the filming of their PV for "Colors" and photo book.

Despite the pending lawsuit and issues with SM Entertainment, it seems these two are having a lot of fun. You can see them smile and be happy in this video. Hopefully this whole issue with SM is resolved soon and you can see all 5 of the boys of TVXQ be happy together. Also check out the OneTVXQ Forums.

cr: yunlinjae
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Star Empire Debuts New Boy Group: Child of Empire


Star Empire Entertainment is set to debut a new 9 member boy band "Child of Empire".

Following the street performance tradition of Park Jung Ah and VOS, the group will ride around the city in a truck and perform guerrilla style in various locations from 28th September to build up experience and gain support.

Child of Empire first showed their faces back in April, on MNET's "Office Reality" where it showed them training up for their debut. Some of the members have reportedly trained for more than four years. No mention of the girls who were on the same show too.

Among them, Park Hyeong Sik (19) appeared as the boyfriend in Jewlery S "Date" video. Moon Joon Yeong (21) became very popular on Mnet's "Flower Boys Terror". These two along with 7 others will make up the new group.

Child of Empire will make their official debut in November.

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SNSD Everywhere This Chuseok Weekend

The ever popular 9 member girl group, SNSD will be appearing on all 3 major tv channels, MBC, KBS2TV and SBS this Chuseok weekend in Korea.

Starting on 1st October, Yuri and Sunny will be acting as MCs for KBS2TV's Stars' Dream - Sketch.
On 2nd October, Sooyoung will be appearing on KBS2TV's Shall We Dance and perform the waltz. On the same day, Sooyoung, Jessica and Sunny will appear on MBC's Idol Girl Group Survival: Sweet Girl where they will fight it out with other girl group members from Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, After School, 4minute and T-ara to be crowned the strongest idol girl group member.


On 3rd October, SNSD will appear on SBS's Idol Big Show together with G-Dragon, 2NE1, SHINee, Lee Seung Gi, 4minute and 2AM where they will share with viewers their domitory lifestyle and training process.

On 4th October, SNSD will appear on MBC's Star Dance Battle Change! where they will have a dance battle with Kara, Boom, 2AM, SHINee, Super Junior, After School and Epik High. Highlights include Super Junior appearing as SNSD, 2AM as KARA, KARA as Wonder Girls, SHINee performing Boys on Top (modified version of BoA's Girls on Top), etc. On the same day, Yuri and Seohyun will appear on KBS2TV's Lee Seung Gi's Ideal Girl Olympics.

SNSD will thus become a big present for everyone watching at home with their families this Chuseok in Korea and something worth looking to for fans living overseas.
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