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Monday, October 12, 2009

G-Dragon’s Solo Concert coming soon

big bang
Big Bang's G-Dragon released his first solo album "HEARTBREAKER," back in August and now he's preparing to have his first solo concert. YG Entertainment recently updated their website with information pertaining to the heartbreaker's first concert.

The concert is titled "Shine A Light" and will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. There will be two concerts, the first concert will be on December 5th at 7PM, and the second concert will be on December 6th at 6PM. Tickets for the concert will be 77,000 won (around $66 US). For the December 5th concert, ticket sales open on October 28th at 8PM. For the December 6th concert, ticket sales open on October 30th at 8PM. You can reserve and purchase the tickets at

If you're going to get the tickets, you better be ready because they go real fast!

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B2ST Gives Us A Sneak Preview of Debut Song

We reported earlier that Cube Entertainment's newest 6 member boy group, B2ST was going to give us a sneak peek of their title song through their MTV documentary show, MTV B2ST on the 11th and it was duly delivered.

We don't know the title of the song yet and they really offered a sneak peek with just 8 lines revealed. But at least it's a start, giving us a feel of the song and will no doubt increase the curiosity among netizens for their debut.

credit: enmt1401
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Secret releases “I Want You Back” Music Video


As reported earlier, the new TS Entertainment 4 member girl group, Secret consisting of Jun Hyo Sung, Han Sun Hwa, Song Ji Eun and rapper Zinger will be debuting this week starting with Mnet's M! Countdown on the 15th.

We have not heard much about them in terms of pictures or teasers compared to other debutants but the release of their I Want You Back music video should hopefully increase interest in them from netizens. Check it out.

credit: mardirock

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Yuri, Seohyun, Sooyoung Models for Dreaming Water

SNSD members Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yuri have been chosen as "Photographer" models.

The three tallest girls of the team became models for QTV's Photographer Audition Survival show called, "Photographer". They had to model for the "Dreaming Water" campaign pictorial which was a joint collaboration by UNICEF and Cosmopolitan. The photo shoot had the theme of clean water and environmental conservation.

The challenge of the episode was to take shots of the SNSD girls and the one photographer with the best shot would become the ultimate winner, $10,000 richer, seeing their picture get published in Cosmopolitan and receive a full suite of Canon DSLR equipment. They will also get to open a photo exhibition as well. As if working with the SNSD girls wasn't the biggest prize of them all. Check out the preview shots below

The episode featuring the girls will air on October 29th.
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Lady Collection Releases MV for “A Guy Who I Know”

The flood of new teasers, music videos by debuting groups continues on this mad, mad Monday.

Remember Lady Collection and their teaser for their title track, Watch secretly? Well, they have released a music video today and it's not for their title track but of another track called, A Guy Who I Know from the same mini album.

Consisting of members Jieun (JC), Eli (앨리) and Sei (세이), the 3 ladies have amazing vocals and it looks like they are going to be slapped with the label as the next SeeYa (who is still licking their wounds from Nam Gyuri's exit) whether they like it or not. The girls are not in this music video which tells of a sad story with the sad song.

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4Tomorrow releases “Tomorrow” MV

What do you get when you combine the mascots of popular girl groups KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute and After School? Why, 4Tomorrow, of course!

As you may have known already, Han Seung Yeon, Ga-In, Hyuna and UEE joined forces together for a special project group, which includes a song and MV of the digital single, "Tomorrow". While the former was released not too long ago, the latter became available for the public's viewing only recently.

Instead of a specific plot throughout the video, the setting is fixed on one location, which appears to be a small concert. The girls put on a show for the audience in attendance as they perform their choreography on stage and dance on top of tables. Near the end of the video, actor Lee Dong Gun pulls up in a suspicious-looking vehicle and admires the girls on stage from afar. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was a creepy stalker, especially with his Snape-like hair.

The MV for the Samsung CF can be viewed below, courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason4.

Not only that, there are individual MV versions, focusing on one member.

credit: withkara

The music drama MVs will be released from the 19th.
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MBLAQ releases “Oh Yeah” MV Teaser

After a long wait, Rain and J.Tune Entertainment boy group, MBLAQ has finally released their teaser to the MV of their debut title song "Oh Yeah".

This 40s teaser is just the first of the teasers that they will release. The song is unique, and the teaser gives a black & white sensational feeling, which fits because they are called, "M Black."

MBLAQ had recently, on the 9th and 10th, performed for Rain's Legend of Rainism concert tour," where it was said that they were impressive. But because there were no official videos or pictures of their performance, it brought up many curiosities amongst the fans. This, and the fact that it was revealed that Sandara's brother was in MBLAQ, created a lot of anticipations by many fans, as they were the most browsed topic in portal sites amongst netizens through the week.

I think the teaser teased me great, as I can't wait to see the official MV!

Stay tuned, as they will release their song on the 14th, as well as debut on the 15th through Mnet's M! Countdown.

Fancam of their performances at Legend of Rainism concert if you can't wait.

credit: o0oLjnho0o
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JQT releases “I Fell For You” Music Video

Having just released their single album earlier this morning, JQT has now followed up on that momentum with the release of their music video for their title track, I Fell For You. So now that you've been able to put their faces to their voices, have you fallen for them?

The female quartet will also make their official live debut on Mnet's M! Countdown this Thursday on October 15th, just like another girl group, Secret.

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SHINee’s Minho Reveals New Album Look + New Teaser


We reported earlier on news of SHINee's new come back song "Ring Ding Dong" and of Onew's new look.

Concept photos of Minho's new look has now been released, raising anticipation and eagerness for the upcoming album '2009, Year of Us'. It seems Minho hasn't made as big of a shift as Onew but he does definitely look more mature, dark, and charismastic. The single comes out in a few days on the 14th, with a performance on Music Bank on the 16th, and their album release on the 19th.

Watch out for Key shots tomorrow. Check out the new audio teaser too.

credit: WeaReShining01

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JQT Releases Single Album


Up and coming girl group JQT will begin their full-scale promotional activities with an online showcase on the 12th. Besides performances, the JQT ladies will also show netizens their endearing personalities and charms. But let's listen to their music first.

Their title track "I Fell For You" is a composition of repetitive rhythms and infectious electronic beats and harmonies. Their second track is a quick tempo, guitar riff rich track titled "NONONO", a powerful emotional love song.

Many thanks to MrJenpoo for the clip.

And just like fellow debuting girl group, Secret, JQT will also make their debut on Mnet's M! Countdown this Thursday, 15th October.

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T-ara and Supernova’s TTL Listen 2 MV Out!

The mixed gender project group consisting of T-ara and Supernova have been a hot topic lately for their 2nd project single "TTL Listen 2" and its music video teaser. But today, the music video was finally released throughout various music channels and websites.

"TTL Listen 2" is the sequel and upgraded version of T-ara and Supernova's previous hit project single"TTL (Time To Love)". In the music video, you'll notice the makeover the members of T-ara and Supernova went through and how they reworked the dance choreography. Over 300 cuts were shot for this MV.

So, check out the music video below!

The original TTL MV.

SOurce: allkpop

Can You Figure Out Who’s Who?

...And here's the ultimate quiz to test whether you are a true kpop fan or not! (Just kidding.)

Pre-debut photos are nothing new to netizens; in fact, it's a popular hobby for many to dig up childhood pictures of their favorite stars then share them with their fellow fans to squeal (or drool) over.

In the 335th issue of Chinese magazine Y Generation for this month, the kid pictures of thirty popular kpop idols got their nametags pulled off, leaving readers to guess who was who in the feature titled "猜猜我是誰??" (Guess Who I Am). Check out the scans below for the chubby lil' versions of some of today's hottest Korean stars. Tell us which ones you were able to catch. Don't peek at the results yet!

(click for larger view)

As I'm sure many of you would agree, some of these photos are pretty obvious on first glance but others are nearly unrecognizable. One thing's for sure though - these tiny boys & girls really are adorable! Looking at these alone, who would have predicted that Little So-and-So would one day become one of Korea's hottest performers that left fans practically salivating from the sexiness?

As for the results... remember, no cheating wink

(click for clear results)

So which idols did you recognize right off the bat and which ones have totally changed?
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Taecyeon and Wooyoung’s Inkigayo Return Uncertain

We reported last month that in the aftermath of the Jaebeom's incident, 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung would be taking a temporary leave of absence from their MCs role on SBS Inkigayo.

Since then, it has been almost a month since we last saw them, with Ha Yeon Joo hosting an episode by herself and another with Kim Tae Woo. There were no Inkigayo episodes for the past two weeks due to the Chuseok holidays and Dream Concert broadcast.

The Inkigayo PD mentioned two weeks back that Taecyeon and Wooyoung's return will be discussed after the Chuseok holidays and the two of them had performed with the 6 member 2PM this past Saturday at Dream Concert, raising hopes that they will be back.

But the Inkigayo PD said on the 11th, JYP Entertainment has asked for more time with regards to their return. There's still a few more days to our next broadcast on the 18th and we will continue to discuss with them. We will wait for their return in any case."
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f(x) Endorses K-SWISS

It has only been a month since their debut, but rising girl group f(x) has been getting love calls from various fashion brands. Their first time endorsing a product was with Girls Generation for LG CYON's "Chocolate". Now they are going for the global sports brand K-SWISS.

A representative from K-SWISS has stated, "f(x) is not an average girl group. With their strong performances and their international members, they have matched well with our companies global image and became our models. With the talent and the charm of each member, they will make a great mark for our brand and we are expecting it greatly."

When I was in elementary school, I used to wear K-SWISS shoes, and I gotta say, they were ridiculous. But I believe they will make the brand very stylish, just like what Big Bang and 2NE1 did with FILA. The pictures of f(x) modeling K-SWISS will be up in the winter.
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Goo Hara, Seungri and Minzy are childhood friends?

In recent recording of SBS Kang Shim Jang, it was revealed that KARA's Goo Hara, Big Bang's Seungri, and 2NE1's Minzy were all friends when they were young.

Goo Hara reportedly expressed, "I have been watching 2NE1's Minzy ever since she was young. ... Big Bang's Seungri is our family as well." Her comment roused much curiosity in the rest of the cast.

It was then revealed that Goo Hara and Seungri used to be in the same dance school in their hometown, KwangJoo, before their debut. Minzy, as well as the two, was in the same school as well.

Wow, isn't this interesting? Stay tuned to the broadcast on the 13th, as it will also reveal stories about many guests, including Goo Hara and fellow member Nicole's dorm life and misunderstandings this duo used to have.
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Secret Confirms Debut Stage


This is an exciting week for many fans as certain new groups will be making their debut, and among them will be 4 member girl group, Secret.

The group includes Jun Hyo Sung who was originally part of the girl group that Yubin of the Wonder Girls and UEE of After School came from, Han Sun Hwa who was someone that was on Superstar Survival, Song Ji Eun, and rapper Zinger. They have already gained a lot of attention online with their great vocal abilities and well known members plus a showcase.

They will release their debut single, I Want You Back on the 13th before beginning promotions on the 15th on Mnet's M! Countdown.

Source. allkpop

SHINee’s Coming Back With “Ring Ding Dong”


The five shining stars have been making headlines since they've shed their sugary sweet and colorful look, trading it for a brand new sharp and dark concept.

Netizens have been completely drawn to their 180° radical transformation and their comeback has left many fans scratching their heads, wondering where they are heading.

Oddly enough, despite the new concept, the name of their title track reels me back into the old, neon skinny jean wearing SHINee. Their title track off their upcoming album '2009, Year of Us' is called "Ring, Ding, Dong." Inspired by an African congo beat with the typical electronic touch, "Ring, Ding, Dong" is about the moment one falls in love, a ringing echoes in one's head. It seems SHINee's comeback will be a plethora of various flavors! Their comeback single will be released on various online music sites on the 14th and their comeback album will follow on the 19th. Fans should also anticipate their comeback stage on the 16th of this month on Music Bank!

1. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
2. Ring Ding Dong
3. Jo Jo
4. Get Down
5. SHINee Girl
6. 내가 사랑했던 이름

With the emergence of a brand new SHINee, will their drastic change in image help bring them to the top? Just need to wait a couple days more.

Source. allkpop

Kim Jong Kook - Yoon Eun Hye Scandal Once Again

Park Hae Jin Talks About His Transgender Bar Experience
The Kim Jong Kook - Yoon Eun Hye scandal, which happened several years back, was brought up once again.

The last time the scandal was mentioned, it was from KBS Happy Together, when Yoon Eun Hye talked about her scandal which occurred from once-popular variety show X-Man.

This time it was mentioned by one of Kim Jong Kook's favorite friend, Cha Tae Hyun, in SBS "Family Outing," on the episode which aired on the 11th. Well actually, "mentioned" isn't quite the word to use as it was more of "attacked."

How was he attacked? Well Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Jong Shin, Cha Tae Hyun, and Jang Hyuk had to prepare a breakfast, so they chose to go snail hunting. While they were hunting, they decided to do a "Ofcourse game." (For those of you who don't know, the "Ofcourse game" is from past variety show "X-Man." In the game, a person has to answer "ofcourse" to whatever question was thrown at them.) For the game, it was Cha Tae Hyun VS Kim Jong Kook. Cha Tae Hyun was the first to attack, and he did by throwing some questions at him.

He first asked him, "When you were first cast in Family Outing, you were happy, right?" Then he answered, "ofcourse." Kim Jong Kook then started the "first attack" by asking him, "When you found out that Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin were dating, you drank some beer, right?" Cha Tae Hyun was surprised, as he commented, "This wasn't what I was expecting," as he thought that when he asked him a weak question, Kim Jong Kook would attack back with a weak question as well. But as it is the game's rule, he answered, "ofcourse."

Now this is where the fun begins. Cha Tae Hyun started his real "attack" by asking him, "The reason why you keep going to US is because you have a family there, right?" Then he added a comment, "I saw your mother as well, and she looked like she was going to see your wife," to which Kim Jong Kook added, "To see a son?", which bursted some laughs. Although it is a lie, he answered, "ofcourse." Kim Jong Kook then counter attacked weakly, asking the same question as his previous, except it was about Tablo and Kang Hye Jung. As always, he replied back, "ofcourse."

Cha Tae Hyun then continued his story, asking, "The wife you have in US... she is currently filming a drama, right?" Then he added, "Isn't she quite busy with her current drama?... Lady..." As this question was asked, it brought back the old memories of the scandal, so Kim Jong Kook surrendered, saying, "Let's stop doing this." As Cha Tae Hyun was celebrating his victory, he apologized, "I'm sorry Eun Hye."

The scandal is old, but it's always fun to get reminded and laugh about it. It was quite hilarious, as you can see from the video below.

Starts around 8:00.

Ends around 2:00.
Source. allkpop

Park Hae Jin Talks About His Transgender Bar Experience

Actor Park Hae Jin guest-starred on the set of KBS's "Champagne" on October 10th, talking about various things from his post-debut woes and his upcoming drama. But that's not all - Park also revealed an experience that he had at a transgender bar!

"Some people I worked with at the time and I went to a transgender bar for dinner, and one of their staff came up to me. The person had a bigger hand than my own and it was pretty calloused ... [and] also had huge feet."

He went on, "The person took my hand slowly and smiled as they gave me a business card and said, 'Dongseng, if you're ever interested in working here, you don't have to get a sex change so give me a call if you're interested, okay?' I was so shocked!" Who can blame the person, though, since Park Hae Jin's a total hottie and all?

Upon hearing this, his fellow guests laughed and said, "Park Hae Jin has a prettier face that some girls, after all, so we're not entirely shocked."

What do you guys think about Park Hae Jin's, well, interesting little episode?
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New York Hottests Strike at Union Square

Much like their fellow Hottests in Korea last month, New York Hottest and Jaebeom supporters gathered together in Union Square yesterday to perform 2PM's hit debut single "10 Points Out of 10."

Prior to the actual performance, rehearsals were held for the fans interested in supporting the cause. Once the time came, fans and non-fans alike gathered around the center where the dancers performed a special rendition of their idols' song. They left in every move of the routine, including Jaebeom's difficult handstand at the very end of the performance! Seven fans also wore shirts with each of the member's names written on the back, making their presence known to all onlookers. It's clear that the participants not only got to publicize their love for Jaebeom, but had fun & enjoyed themselves through this public experience.

cr. wait2minutesplz

Ever since the Jaebeom controversy broke out, we've gotten a flood of messages from Hottests; the New York performance is but one of many performances that supporters have initiated and implemented for their beloved leader.
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MBLAQ Impresses at Rain’s Concert

After 2 very long years, Rain's first boy group, MBLAQ, has finally made their debut! Taking the stage before an audience of 8000 fans, MBLAQ opened Rain's concert on the 9th for the "Legend of Rainism" tour and successfully performed 3 songs. After taking a look at these fancams from the concert, it's safe to say these boys made Rain proud as they danced and sang their hearts out before a roaring crowd. The boys performed their title song "Oh Yes," "Good Love," and member Jung Byung Hee performed his very own solo.

Unfortunately, the only fancams available are each less than one minute in length, but hopefully they will be enough to pique your interest! Much love to rainyyonme for the videos and pictures.

Source: allkpop

Dream Concert Brings HyunA to Tears


After performing at the successful 2009 Dream Concert, shouldn't HyunA be celebrating with her fellow group members? That's the conclusion many people would draw up, but people also forget a very important detail.

While this year's Dream Concert was the very first for the rest of the 4minute, this was HyunA's second performance. She had previously performed on stage with the Wonder Girls in 2007 and it's been 2 years since. The sexy performer stated, "When I was in 9th grade, I had performed in the Dream Concert. After 2 years passing, it is a different feeling now."

She continued, "When they listed 4minute and our names in the beginning my heart thumped. My heart was beating quickly and I was about to cry. When I was younger, I think I did things without considering the consequences. After two years I was very worried about this stage and wanted to try harder; however I thought I did better in the rehearsals than in the actual stage."

Taking a look at this year's performance, HyunA had nothing to worry about. Putting regrets and doubts to rest, the ladies of 4minute can only bring greater things for their fans. Many fans have have expressed beliefs that HyunA & the rest of 4minute gave a performance of a lifetime, and we're sure that they can look forward to more success in the future.

Source: allkpop

KARA Excited for Cameo on MBC’s “Hero”

Although many will be disappointed when "Heading to the Ground" ends next month, it looks like MBC is continuing its idol line-up - though TVXQ's Yunho will be exiting the big screen, the new drama "Hero" is set to feature the ladies of KARA in its first episode!

As reported earlier, it was announced on the 9th that this quintet of cuties would make a cameo in the first episode as the stars of a mini-concert at which the leads of the drama, Lee Junki (a reporter) and Kim Min Jung (a police detective), will first meet.

It’s an honor for us to start off this drama together with Lee Junki and Kim Min-jung, who are actors we have always liked," the members of KARA expressed. "We’re already excited just thinking about filming, and are really looking forward to it. It feels exciting to be able to show a different side of KARA in the drama.

With names like Lee Junki, Kim Min Jung and now KARA, this is shaping up to be a solid & highly anticipated drama. Indeed, "Hero" was licensed for a Japanese broadcast nearly a year ago, way before its license for Korea. As one source explained on Friday, such licensing is not finalized until 2-4 episodes have aired due to economic considerations and other factors. “However, in Hero’s case, recognition of the solid synopsis and lead actor Lee Junki has led to an unusual circumstance of an early sale at a high price.

Keep an eye out for the first broadcast of "Hero" on November 18 on MBC.

Source: dramabeans, Joy News, Star News

SHU-I for Junior Magazine

Rookie boy group SHU-I has made waves with their cover of 2PM's "Again and Again" and charismatic performances for their debut single "Bomb Bomb Bomb," but these boys aren't stopping there!

These cuties have shed their "tough" stage look and took on their off-stage and fashionable wardrobe for October's issue of Junior Magazine. With color clothes + bright eyes & smiles, these boys are revealing a whole other side to their fans, while endorsing LnA wear as well. I must admit, I never bothered sparing SHU-I a passing glance until now. Some of the members are quite easy on the eyes after all! Check out their fun photoshoot here:

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