Friday, October 9, 2009

MBLAQ Releases Teaser Poster

Looks like the hot new boy group raised under Rain's (Bi) wing is going to be here soon.

Although I'm not sure what to think of the title of their new single, "Just BLAQ," (it almost screams for some satirical politically incorrect joke) I guess that the group is going for the usual Big Bang-esque manliner and open shirt concept. It's not like the fangirls are complaining though.

The teaser poster, which was posted all around Seoul, features a vampire-ish concept and has certainly sparked interest among Koreans.

MBLAQ is set to debut with a teaser at Rain's "Legend of Rainism" concert tour on October 9th at the Olympic Park Stadium.

"Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality's" debut performance is scheduled to be on a few days later on October 14th.

The horrible acronym of a name just brings back memories though doesn't it? (High Five of Teenagers, Ubiquitous Korean International/Idol Super Star, etc.)
Source: allkpop