Monday, October 12, 2009

Lady Collection Releases MV for “A Guy Who I Know”

The flood of new teasers, music videos by debuting groups continues on this mad, mad Monday.

Remember Lady Collection and their teaser for their title track, Watch secretly? Well, they have released a music video today and it's not for their title track but of another track called, A Guy Who I Know from the same mini album.

Consisting of members Jieun (JC), Eli (앨리) and Sei (세이), the 3 ladies have amazing vocals and it looks like they are going to be slapped with the label as the next SeeYa (who is still licking their wounds from Nam Gyuri's exit) whether they like it or not. The girls are not in this music video which tells of a sad story with the sad song.

Source: allkpop