Monday, October 12, 2009

MBLAQ Impresses at Rain’s Concert

After 2 very long years, Rain's first boy group, MBLAQ, has finally made their debut! Taking the stage before an audience of 8000 fans, MBLAQ opened Rain's concert on the 9th for the "Legend of Rainism" tour and successfully performed 3 songs. After taking a look at these fancams from the concert, it's safe to say these boys made Rain proud as they danced and sang their hearts out before a roaring crowd. The boys performed their title song "Oh Yes," "Good Love," and member Jung Byung Hee performed his very own solo.

Unfortunately, the only fancams available are each less than one minute in length, but hopefully they will be enough to pique your interest! Much love to rainyyonme for the videos and pictures.

Source: allkpop