Friday, October 9, 2009

f(x) to unleash Chocolate Love at 2009 Dream Concert

It might be gloomy for certain fans at the 2009 Dream Concert with the withdrawals of certain idols due to various reasons. But there's still plenty to look forward to otherwise for fans.

The 2009 Dream Concert will take place on 10th October and it looks like the project group of T-ara and Supernova will not be the only one performing their new song, TTL.Listen.2.

f(x) was scheduled to perform their new CF song, Chocolate Love through a showcase with their seniors, SNSD on the 15th. But with the widespread interest in the song since the 8th, f(x) will perform it first at the 2009 Dream Concert instead.

The Chocolate Love CF will be released later today. Some preview shots of Yoona, Krystal and SNSD ahead of release.
Source: allkpop