Saturday, October 10, 2009

MBLAQ performs; Sandara Park’s Brother in MBLAQ

On the 9th, MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality's), pronounced as "M Black," debuted with their first performance in world-star Rain's "Asia Tour: Legend of Rainism," in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. They performed 3 songs live, one of which was their debut album title song, "Oh, Yes (오, 예)," in the opening stage in front of 8000 attendance.

Rain showed a lot of satisfaction as he met with the reporters in his prep room after the concert. He commented, "MBLAQ has been preparing for 2 years. They have great talent in singing, dancing, and rapping. Compared to my debut, I think their skills are better than mine."

Rain commented, "Looking at MBLAQ's performance, I think I was more anxious. ... I can now understand Park Jin Young hyung's feelings. He said he would come to tomorrow's (10th) concert, so he can evaluate MBLAQ."

Here are the stage names of the members of MBLAQ and a bit of info on them:

Jung Byung Hee (Jang Goon):
Age/Birthday - (22) & 1987.11.06
(Ex-TYKEYS member)

Yang Seung Ho:
Age/Birthday - (22) & 1987.10.16

Lee Chang Seon (Lee Joon):
Age/Birthday - (21) & 1988.02.07
(Have played the child version of Rain in his hollywood movie, "Ninja Assassin.")

Bang Chul Yong (MiReu):
Age/Birthday - (18) & 1991.03.10 (Little brother of actress Go Eun Ah)

Park Sang Hyun (Thunder): ****has been added at the last minute instead of Kim Sang Bae***
(Little brother of 2NE1's Sandara) (Also was a trainee in IU's agency, LOEN Entertainment)

Kim Sang Bae: ***Left the group at the last minute***

With Sandara's little brother joining MBLAQ, it just makes it more exciting! Another sibling has joined fellow duos Jessica-Kystal and Jiyoung-Kim Yoon Ji!

With Rain saying that MBLAQ is better than when he was when he a rookie, I will be expecting a hot debut from them!

Stay tuned, as MBLAQ will debut on the 14th.

Here is a video of Sandara's brother, in a clip with IU, doing a cover of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" and Big Bang's "Lies"

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Source: allkpop