Friday, October 9, 2009

Child of Empire Strikes Hard?


Child of Empire, a new 9 member boy group set to debut in November under Star Empire Entertainment, are striking hard. Before their official debut, they have expressed feelings of wanting a fan club of at least 10,000 people, and they plan on getting those fans. The group has been making small appearances in the media over the past year, popping up here and there, but now they want as much exposure as possible.

The group will start making appearances all over Korea, visiting many cities and even schools starting on the 13th, making 3 street performances a day. As if that wasn't enough, the group says they hope to make 50 live performances after their debut by the end of November. The group also has a "if you request it, we'll be there" kind of policy.

Are they out of their minds? Probably. Will they feed off only sugar and coffee? Most likely. Are they crazy? Definitely. Is that guy secretly going commando under that kilt? I wish. But a representative said, "Most artists say it's too difficult and tiring to do street performances and we're worried whether or not the members will be able to digest such a feat but, if they can gain sympathy for their dedication and hard work to their music, we're sure they'll be a raging success."

So do you think this boy group is all bark but no bite? Or can they actually pull off this nearly impossible feat?

Source: allkpop