Saturday, October 10, 2009

You won’t see Big Bang on the Dream Concert broadcast?

big bang
The Dream Concert was held earlier today at the Seoul's World Cup Stadium and it was pretty epic. The Dream Concert is scheduled to air on SBS, October 11th at 4PM (Korean Time). Many of you already knew that 2PM was going to be edited out of the official broadcast, but now there's word that Big Bang won't be on the official broadcast as well.

No, Big Bang didn't do anything wrong, instead YG Entertainment put in a special request that their performance be cut out from the broadcast. There's no word on the reason why they put in such a request, but people can speculate. Maybe because Daesung was rusty from a long layoff and they didn't want people to see Big Bang with a less than stellar performance? Your guess is as good as mine, it's quite unfortunate because many people wanted to see Daesung and Big Bang perform together... it's been a while, I guess that'll have to wait.
big bangbig bangbig bangbig bang

Source: allkpop