Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jung Il Woo joining Yoon Eun Hye for Lady Castle

Some might have be a little disappointed with Yoon Sang Hyun joining Lady Castle, which will be Yoon Eun Hye's comeback drama in 2 years. Fret not, for it was announced just this afternoon in Korea that Jung Il Woo, last seen in The Return of Iljimae earlier this year, could be joining Lady Castle to offer more eye candy for the girls.

According to Lee Kim Productions, they are now in advanced talks with Jung Il Woo's management, Star K Entertainment and the possibility of him joining is very high. Once it's confirmed, filming for Lady Castle would then begin in mid July.

Lady Castle is a romantic comedy that sees a guy become a housekeeper and has an eye on the rich family’s hidden slush fund. He develops a love triangle with the family's 3 daughters, 1 of which is played by Yoon Eun Hye. Jung Il Woo is likely to be involved in a love triangle with Yoon Sang Hyun and Yoon Eun Hye if everything goes well.
Credit: Allkpop

A/N: But if Jung Il Woo really join the cast I can´t do more the claps, but somehow want him to pair with Eun Hye. Anyway when I first saw the news about Yoon Sang Hyun joining Yoon Eun Hye on Lady Castle I kinda disappointed about the cast for the drama. After all this is her comeback after almost 2 year. I was really hoping the main male lead was more like:

Lee Seung Ki

Lee Junki

Kang Ji Hwan

Jo Hyun Jae

Jae Hee

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Legend


  • Title: 태왕사신기 (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) / 太王四神記 (Taioshijinki)
  • English title: The Legend
  • Also known as: The Story of the First King's Four Gods
  • Genre: Period Drama
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-11 to 2007-Dec-05
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Ending theme song: Love Song for a Thousand Years by TVXQ
  • See inserts: The Legend OST


This drama portrays the life of the 19th king of Goguryeo, Hwanwoong, who was sent from the heavens to make the world a better place. He falls in love with Saeoh and gives her the joojak necklace; however, Kajin becomes jealous since Saeoh has given birth to Hwanwoong's son. She takes the baby and throws him off a cliff. Saeoh, thinking that her son had died, is overcome with grief and turns into the black joojak to destroy the world. Hwanwoong is the only one who could stop her. Afterwards, Hwanwoong returns to the Heavens and prophecizes that 2000 years later, the true Joo Shin king will come to Earth. With the help of the four gods, he will rebuild Joo Shin.



The production cost was estimated to be around 45 billion won.
The filming of this drama started in March of 2006. The filming ended on December 3rd, 2007. This drama production lasted 1 year and 9 months.

The First Part of the TV-drama

Like it ? Then Watch it here : http://www.mysoju.com/legend/

A/N: I really into the ancient Asian culture, and this is one of my most favourite k-drama I like the most. To be honest I just started to watch this drama because DBSK was singing to the theme song. But after watched a MV from the drama at youtube, then I started to search after the drama. The storyline is unique and interesting and the scenes is brilliant done which make it more realistic. I have totally watch this 3 times and never thought it was boring after knowing the storyline. It always succeed bring out new feelings and thoughts everytime I watched it. I usually get tired of a drama if I have watch it twice, but this never got me there.
In the begin it might not be catchy but if you watch the whole episode one, you will get more curious about the storyline.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

SNSD & SHINee at SBS Inkigayo

SHINee Wins Mutizen at SBS Inkigayo
Shining brightly despite their leader's difficult week, teenage quintet SHINee won their first Mutizen for "Juliette" on SBS Inkigayo. It appears that Inkigayo's formula allows for late bloomers, as this song and 2NE1's "Fire" were released over a month before they started winning Mutizens on the Sunday music show.


Like good little dongsaengs, the first thing SHINee did after the victory announcement was bow to their SM noonas SNSD (who were not up for the award; just in case you were wondering). Onew then thanks SHINee's various mentors with a huge smile ), but of course, in typical Onew Sangtae fashion, his voice ends up cracking five octaves. Stick to this funny sangtae, Onew, and you'll simply make your manager frown instead of having him carry you off stage. Boys' Generation member Key, however, ends up stirring the pot a little by yelling "song for my So Nyeo Shi Dae" in the encore. While I'm sure it was just a fun display of respect, stating that Girls' Generation are the "Juliette"s to your Romeo might not be the best way to keep one's anti-count low.

SNSD’s “Genie” & “Etude” at SBS Inkigayo

Capping off their comeback week on SBS Inkigayo, SM nonagon SNSD gave a short interview, then performed "Etude" and single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)"

"Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" (3rd perform)

"Etude" (2nd perform of it)

Credit: Allkpop

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SNSD Continues Comeback on Music Core

Building off of yesterday's comeback stage, SM nonagon SNSD staged both hit single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" and the fluffy "Etude" on MBC Music Core.

Here's the debut performance of Etude:

The song, dance, and outfits are all reminiscent of SNSD's earlier days, and definitely put the Girl in Girls' Generation. Prancing around in azure dresses, blue belts, and a rainbow of stockings, the group does look cute, albeit a little more mature and less overwhelming than the "Kissing You" era.

The second "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" performance:

As expected, it was a tighter, better-sounding performance from the genies, even if they resemble girl scouts as opposed to wish-granters. Many S♥NEs are yearning for the white outfits displayed in the teaser pictures, instead of the UPS/Girl Scout outfits they've worn so far. Note to all stylists: leave brown to the cavemen. Music Core's cameramen were also able to capture more of the choreography's strong points, catching the Hyoyeon-Taeyeon mic-exchange and snappy ending to perfection. Alas, their camerawork was not without some glaring mistakes, as the lack of Yuri's leggy flip-action and Taeyeon's ad-lib diva-face put a pout on many a face.

Credit: Allkpop & CodeMonmonSeason2

Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” MV, Finally Out! And THE Comeback scene at Music Bank

Earlier today, many news websites have been writing articles about the release of a music video on the 26th at 10 AM Seoul, Korea (the 25th and 9 PM EST) time that everyone has been dying to watch.

Anyways, check out the music video below with English and Romanization Subs!
It took me totally 3 hours to finish the sub.

Dressed in the uniforms seen from their MV, the girls put on one hot performance. Their dancing seems to be insync minus a few parts but overall very good, the same can be said for their their vocals. However, the girls haven't given us much more in terms of choreography than the MV did. But it doesn't matter because I'm sure after this performance the girls have got what it takes to do even better then they did earlier in the year with "Gee". Listen to the crowd, they are already in love with the new song - definitely a good sign and a good start to their comeback.
Download the MV : Mediafire

The Comeback scene at Music Bank

As a bonus tonight the girls also won the award for the best-selling song in the first half of the year with their hit "Gee".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Junior + Soshi = Sushi Covers Songs On Music Travel

Idol Groups SNSD / Girls’ Generation and Super Junior or Sushi (Super Junior and Soshi) have taken on the challenge of singing various covers of songs on MBC's Music Travel (LaLaLa). Girls’ Generation members Sunny, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica, covered songs with Sungmin of Super Junior with music from "Beautiful Girl" by Kim Ah Joong, “Honey Honey” by ABBA, "Wonderful Place" by Kim Jong Seo and “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior. On the other hand, Super Junior covered SNSD’s popular “Gee”.
Also, Kyuhyun and Donghae of Super Junior and Taeyeon and Jessica of SNSD sang "Way Into Love" together and caught the audiences' hearts. Meanwhile Sungmin of Super Junior and Sunny of SNSD got together to sing the song "Falling Slowly".

Beautiful Girl & Honey Honey - Snsd & Sungmin of Super Junior

Beautiful Restriction - Snsd

Sorry Sor
ry - Snsd

Interview & Falling Snow- Snsd & Super Junior

Way Into Love
- Kyuhyun, Donghae of Super Junior& Taeyeon, Jessica of SNSD

Gee - Super Junior

Video credit: prot0980

A/N: I just love their version of ''Way Into Love''. The new version of ''Gee'' and ''Sorry Sorry'' was really great for the fresh new beat. But somehow I really hope for a join stage performance with all member of this two groups.


Coming Soon !!!

SNSD Releases Etude Without BoA!

It turns out the rumor about SNSD's new song Etude being a cover of BoA's song Etude was false. Say what? A false rumor? Shocking right? SNSD's Etude is a completely new upbeat pop song reminiscent of SNSD's older songs from their debut album. If you like traditional pop music, you will probably like this, but if you're looking for something hip and edgy with neon clothings, this isn't it. The girls are set to perform Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) for their comeback performance on the 26th on MBC's Music Core, and Etude as well as Tell Me Your Wish on the 27th on KBS's Music Bank.

Girl's Generation - Etude

Download Snsd - Etude (mp3): Megaupload / Mediafire

Big Bang’s “My Heaven” Event Canceled Due to V.I.P. Overflow

Their first fan-event celebrating their debut Japanese single "My Heaven", located at the Tokyo Odaiba's Venus Port Church square, which has a capacity of 400 people. But, due to the massive hype surrounding Big Bang's Japanese endeavors, an estimated 2,000 fans showed up to the event, rushing past security to get as close to the onomatopoeia five as possible. The overwhelming crush of the crowd caused the stage managers to cancel the event after only five minutes, in which Big Bang could only perform "My Heaven".

It's fortunate that no crushing occurred, but did Big Bang's promoters really think only 400 people were going to come see the group's first fan-event for their first Japanese single? If 2,000 fans showed up for this, who knows how much commotion there will be over the 10,000 seats for their Tokyo Dome event. Good to see that the boys are popular in Japan though, and hopefully their Japanese journey will continue with similar, but more controlled fervor.
Credit: News - Allkpop. Video - mamindragon

big bang
big bang
A/N: Wow, so many!! Luck no one got hurt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yoon Sang Hyun joining Yoon Eun Hye on Lady Castle

We are only less than 2 months away from seeing Yoon Eun Hye back on the small screen with Lady Castle, with many fans wondering who is she exactly romancing in the drama. Well, the wait could well be over as Yoon Sang Hyun, who rose to prominence in the recently concluded Queen of Housewives on MBC, was reported to be in advanced talks with Lee Kim Productions to join the drama.

It would be a major plus for Lady Castle if Yoon Sang Hyun is confirmed for the role as the charismatic ahjussi Goo Joon Pyo has been real popular in recent times thanks to his sentimental gentleman role in Queen of Housewives. The Lady Castle production has been held up due to the delay in finding a male lead for Lady Castle and other circumstances. According to someone within Lee Kim Productions, if the talks with Yoon Sang Hyun goes well, filming for Lady Castle would commence immediately.
Credit: Allkpop

A/N: Eunhye, who is finally back on the big screen after almost 2 years since her big and latest hit The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince aka Coffee Prince (for short). Due to the success of Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun Hye got a huge fan and it also allow her to enable to join South Korea's A-list of stars who also are members of the 20 million won club, which includes of Bae Yong-joon, Kwon Sang Woo, Ko Hyun Jung, and Song Il kook.

I can´t wait to see her new drama because I think she is a brilliant actress af
ter watching her performers from Goong (Princess Hours) and Coffee Prince. It's also make her my favourite actress in the K-entertainment.

Here is some her pictures from

Coffee Prince

Big Bang 's Japanese Debut and New Release

Big Bang is a is a Korean musical group of five, with both vocals and rap styles.
It's June 24th in Japan and that means it's the official release of Big Bang's Japanese single "My Heaven." Yesterday, there was a preview for the new track "Emotion," today you can listen to the whole thing.


However Big Bang isn’t Number 1 within a day of their single release. They took number 4 on the charts which is still a great start to their Japanese promotions.

The boys rose to the 4th position on the Oricon chart with their single “My Heaven.” With the group working with Universal Music Japan for the first time, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the group gaining the number 1 position within the month. If not, the group will have a second chance when they release their single “Gara Gara GO” on the 8th of July.

Big Bang has also announced plans to tour Japan this fall as part of their increased promotions in the country.


Download Big Bang - Emotion (Mp3): Megaupload / MediaFire

A/N: Since I started to listen to Big Bang, I started to love more of hip pop and R&B. ''My Heaven'' have been my favourite since I first heard it, so it was exciting to wait to see and hear the japanese version. Meanwhile Emotion I thought got a really nice beat with the techno style. AND I plan to subbed ''My Heaven MV'' and put it up later in youtube and this blog.

Here are some wallpaper with their '' My Heaven'' theme. Found them at bigbangkorean.wordpress.com.
Left to Right: Seung Ri, TOP, Tae Yang, G-Dragon, Dae Sung


Today I suddenly realize how long I have been abandon this blog. I haven´t updated for 1 year. [If you don´t count the lastly one.... hehe I really forgetful]
So I decide from today I WILL start again and update new drama, MV (musicvideo) and music. I will also share MV that I subbed myself!

By the way I removed all the videos and put new links where you can find all the videos to watch online. And by the time I did this I
notice, I was really into Japan's entertainment then. Now I more into or so of love the Korea's.

The updated links to see these drama:

The next on the drama list will be The Legend. It´s a K-drama, lead in the ancient where the heaven's son brought three guardian element; cloud, wind and rain, to earth protect the humankind. On this trip he fall in love with a normal girl ....

Monday, June 8, 2009

-The Perfect You-

I really enjoy this story
So I decide to make a poster and background to this fanfic
Here´s the link to story:

The Poster and background I made : (1st= Poster 2nd=Background) Click on the picture to get a bigger and better look on them.