Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today I suddenly realize how long I have been abandon this blog. I haven´t updated for 1 year. [If you don´t count the lastly one.... hehe I really forgetful]
So I decide from today I WILL start again and update new drama, MV (musicvideo) and music. I will also share MV that I subbed myself!

By the way I removed all the videos and put new links where you can find all the videos to watch online. And by the time I did this I
notice, I was really into Japan's entertainment then. Now I more into or so of love the Korea's.

The updated links to see these drama:

The next on the drama list will be The Legend. It´s a K-drama, lead in the ancient where the heaven's son brought three guardian element; cloud, wind and rain, to earth protect the humankind. On this trip he fall in love with a normal girl ....