Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Bang 's Japanese Debut and New Release

Big Bang is a is a Korean musical group of five, with both vocals and rap styles.
It's June 24th in Japan and that means it's the official release of Big Bang's Japanese single "My Heaven." Yesterday, there was a preview for the new track "Emotion," today you can listen to the whole thing.


However Big Bang isn’t Number 1 within a day of their single release. They took number 4 on the charts which is still a great start to their Japanese promotions.

The boys rose to the 4th position on the Oricon chart with their single “My Heaven.” With the group working with Universal Music Japan for the first time, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the group gaining the number 1 position within the month. If not, the group will have a second chance when they release their single “Gara Gara GO” on the 8th of July.

Big Bang has also announced plans to tour Japan this fall as part of their increased promotions in the country.


Download Big Bang - Emotion (Mp3): Megaupload / MediaFire

A/N: Since I started to listen to Big Bang, I started to love more of hip pop and R&B. ''My Heaven'' have been my favourite since I first heard it, so it was exciting to wait to see and hear the japanese version. Meanwhile Emotion I thought got a really nice beat with the techno style. AND I plan to subbed ''My Heaven MV'' and put it up later in youtube and this blog.

Here are some wallpaper with their '' My Heaven'' theme. Found them at
Left to Right: Seung Ri, TOP, Tae Yang, G-Dragon, Dae Sung