Sunday, October 11, 2009

2PM’s “Again and Again” at 2009 Dream Concert

As reported earlier, the once 7-member idol group 2PM performed together without their leader for the first time at the 2009 Dream Concert on the 10th. Due to the controversial issue of Jaebeom's MySpace comments that has still have a lingering effect on the nation, their performance will not be aired on tv.

Fortunately, fancams have sprouted up on YouTube, enabling international Hottests to witness the performance for themselves.

Even though the boys had not been on stage for a while, their performance was just like any other they had in the past. In terms of vocals and choreography, the quality of the group's performance had not deteriorated during their period away from the k-pop scene.

Of course, the absence of their leader made a significant difference on the overall show that could not go unnoticed. Instead of having another member replace Jaebeom's singing parts or cutting them out altogether, the audio was left alone. The gap left by 'Leadja' was particularly glaring at the end of the song, where his usual spot in the middle of the group was completely vacant.

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You can bet that fans didn't hold back during the night of this very occasion. 40,000 people showed their support for Jaebeom by chanting his name in unison throughout the song.

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Of the many banners made for 2PM and their leader, there was one, in particular, that glowed (literally). It read, "We are waiting for our Leadja Park Jaebeom" and was the only visible banner in the dark.

I, for one, am utterly speechless at the extent Korean fans have gone to try and restore the ex-leader of 2PM to his rightful position.

However, do you think their efforts are applaudable or should there be a limit on how far they can protest against JYP Entertainment without sacrificing support for the remaining members?
Source: allkpop