Monday, October 12, 2009

SHINee’s Coming Back With “Ring Ding Dong”


The five shining stars have been making headlines since they've shed their sugary sweet and colorful look, trading it for a brand new sharp and dark concept.

Netizens have been completely drawn to their 180° radical transformation and their comeback has left many fans scratching their heads, wondering where they are heading.

Oddly enough, despite the new concept, the name of their title track reels me back into the old, neon skinny jean wearing SHINee. Their title track off their upcoming album '2009, Year of Us' is called "Ring, Ding, Dong." Inspired by an African congo beat with the typical electronic touch, "Ring, Ding, Dong" is about the moment one falls in love, a ringing echoes in one's head. It seems SHINee's comeback will be a plethora of various flavors! Their comeback single will be released on various online music sites on the 14th and their comeback album will follow on the 19th. Fans should also anticipate their comeback stage on the 16th of this month on Music Bank!

1. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
2. Ring Ding Dong
3. Jo Jo
4. Get Down
5. SHINee Girl
6. 내가 사랑했던 이름

With the emergence of a brand new SHINee, will their drastic change in image help bring them to the top? Just need to wait a couple days more.

Source. allkpop