Friday, October 9, 2009

SHINee’s Jonghyun Reveals New Album Look

We revealed earlier that the heartthrob of nunas, SHINee, would be making a comeback on the 19th with their 3rd album titled '2009, Year Of Us'. Starting from the 9th, individual photos of the male idols flaunting their new image are to be released to the public one at a time.

We start off with the unveiling of Jonghyun.

He has attracted much attention from the public with his recent change of hair color, which gradually fades from a brown tone at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom. His overall concept is suggestive of a gothic style with a glam&chic look, appearing to be unrestrained and liberal, yet is one that leaves a deep impression on viewers.

Donning a monotone style of clothing, he reveals a novel fashion sense that has yet to be seen in the k-pop scene.

In particular, fans are all the more curious to witness a more mature change in the 5 boys as opposed to their bright and colorful image from their previous album. They also expressed great interest in SHINee's new style of music, as the teaser for the 3rd mini album is expected to be revealed on the 13th.

SM Entertainment sure wasn't lying when they stated that the quintet will expose a new distinctive style that will set them apart from other guy groups.

SHINee seems to be heading for a 180-degree transformation as they trade in their colored skinny jeans for goth clothes. We all know that the boys missed their chance with "Juliette" because they wouldn't stop borrowing clothes from her closet for their stage performances. Hopefully, they will redeem themselves this time around, as the anticipation for their comeback is building rapidly.

Source: allkpop