Monday, October 12, 2009

Can You Figure Out Who’s Who?

...And here's the ultimate quiz to test whether you are a true kpop fan or not! (Just kidding.)

Pre-debut photos are nothing new to netizens; in fact, it's a popular hobby for many to dig up childhood pictures of their favorite stars then share them with their fellow fans to squeal (or drool) over.

In the 335th issue of Chinese magazine Y Generation for this month, the kid pictures of thirty popular kpop idols got their nametags pulled off, leaving readers to guess who was who in the feature titled "猜猜我是誰??" (Guess Who I Am). Check out the scans below for the chubby lil' versions of some of today's hottest Korean stars. Tell us which ones you were able to catch. Don't peek at the results yet!

(click for larger view)

As I'm sure many of you would agree, some of these photos are pretty obvious on first glance but others are nearly unrecognizable. One thing's for sure though - these tiny boys & girls really are adorable! Looking at these alone, who would have predicted that Little So-and-So would one day become one of Korea's hottest performers that left fans practically salivating from the sexiness?

As for the results... remember, no cheating wink

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So which idols did you recognize right off the bat and which ones have totally changed?
Source: allkpop