Friday, October 9, 2009

Yunho does Checkmate; Go Ara does Girls on Top

Viewers were drawn to a particular scene shown in episode 10 of MBC's Heading to the Ground on 8th October.

To cut the long story short, Cha Bong Gun (Yunho) wanted to buy a laptop for his sister, Cha Byul (who is super adorable) who was celebrating her birthday. He ropes in his agent, Kang Hyebin (Go Ara) to help him in the selection but realizes that all the laptops are priced out of his reach.

While walking along the streets, they chanced upon a singing contest where one of the prizes on offer was a laptop. Bong Gun naturally signs up for it eagerly and also brings Hyebin into the picture although she is unwilling. Yunho being the slick dance machine of DBSK in reality, does a neat performance of his self-composed song, Checkmate while the reluctant Hyebin gives it her all, doing a gag version of BoA's Girls on Top which was really hilarious. And the hilarious performance wins the laptop prize!

credit: sweetbait