Sunday, October 11, 2009

Child of Empire vs. B2ST: Video Showdown

By now, readers have probably heard a thing or two regarding the boy bands and male artists debuting or returning in this coming month.

Among them are Child of Empire and B2ST, who are both seeking to make a name for themselves in the competitive k-pop scene.

The former, who will actually make their official debut in November, have been raised by Star Empire Entertainment. Also recognized as SNSD's counterparts, the 9-member boy band is said to be quite ambitious, expressing their desire to increase the members of their fan club to at least 10,000.

Their large group, however, may pose as a bit of an impediment for those who are new to the them. If you are still struggling to learn all their names, allkpop may have found a solution that doesn't involve memorization through flash cards.

A video which captures the rookie idols in their activities throughout the day was released on the net recently. From clips of their rehearsal practices to the the boys goofing off, viewers got a sneak peak at the lives of the rookie group.

The following is a list of their names and a brief profile about them, in order of appearance:
Moon Joon Young (21): Micky Yoochun look-a-like; original ulzzang (pretty face)
Kim Dong Joon (18): goofy maknae; charismatic eye smile
Park Hyung Sik (19): model-like appearance; sweet voice
Ha Min Woo (20): the cutie who dreams of being the best dancer; "um-chin-ah" (the ideal son)
Jung Hee Chul (21): specializes in acting and musicals
Kevin Kim (22): English speaker; loves eggrolls; the charismatic member from Australia
Hwang Kang Hee (22): tries to imitate Jokwon's expressions and singing
Tae Hoon (21): sweeter than honey; overflowing with aegyo (cuteness)
Shi Wan (22): the group's fashionista; possesses a mysterious attraction; violinist

cr: bacongau33

On the other hand, Cube Entertainment's male idol group unleashed B2ST in a different, yet equally strategic method.

In a 3-minute video clip, the 6 rookies are seen popping and locking to the beat of R.Kelly's song and propagandize their group's name by posting flyers on everything in sight. Unlike Child of Empire, B2ST did not reveal too much information on the individual members; in fact, they hardly showed their faces. However, such a tactic makes viewers all the more curious to discover who the boys behind the shrouded hoodies and masked bandanas are.

cr: rainyyonme

After viewing the video clips of both parties, which rookie group is the more spaz-worthy?
Source: allkpop