Sunday, October 11, 2009

MBC’s “Creating Destiny” Kicks Off

Earlier in the week we reported that former S.E.S member Kim Eugene was tempted to go under the knife and briefly talked about the MBC weekend drama she's starring in, "Creating Destiny".

The story is about Hang Sang Eun (Eugene) who moves to Canada at a young age. She returns to Korea all grown up, presenting an American boyfriend to her family. As her parents had hopes of their daughter marrying someone Korean, they are not pleased with what she brings home. The family tries their best to set her up with Kim Yeo Joon played by Ki Tae Young, thus 'creating their destiny.'

After much anticipation, the first episode of "Creating Destiny" is out! If you're interested in this drama, get a taste of this series with a short preview:

credit: sesalways

You can grab the online stream of the first episode here.
Source: allkpop