Saturday, October 10, 2009

B2ST Poised For Debut with a sneak preview

As you all know, Cube Entertainment's new 6 member boy band, "B2ST, or Boys 2 Search the Top (pronounced as "beast") has their own MTV Documentary show called "MTV B2ST" and the documentary has already aired 7 episodes.

Well, it's been revealed that they'll be giving viewers a sneak-preview of their title-song in the next episode of the documentary! The parts of the song they will reveal are 8 bars from the introduction. Although the name of their title-song hasn't been revealed yet, you can still expect a hit-song because it was composed by talented composers. The composers include Shin Sa Dong Tiger (Lee Ho Yang), who composed 4minute's "Hot Issue" and "MUZIK," and Lee Sang Ho.

Not only will you get a sneak-preview, you'll also get to see things like the members having a surprise street performance to show a dynamic teaser as well as the B2ST's members surprise visit to the sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof" filming set. The reason being that one of the members, AJ, is cast as character "SaeHo." The members have said to have asked the staff members to take good care of their fellow member, as they gave around small gifts and greetings.

With B2ST's desire of 2PM’s title for "beastly" idols, let's hope that when they debut, they'll amuse us to show that they're worthy of the title.

The show is scheduled to air on the 11th, so look out for it.
Source: allkpop