Thursday, October 8, 2009

HyunA Goes Sexy with Ivy’s A-ha on M! Countdown Heroes


The face of 4minute, HyunA got to do another solo stage away from her other group members on the 8th October episode of Mnet's M! Countdown.

For the Countdown Heroes segment and tying in nicely with the impending comeback of Ivy's 3rd album, Hyuna did a dance stage of Ivy's hit song, A-ha. A-ha was Ivy's second single and it was this uptempo/R&B single and sexy dance routine that started her on her road to fame.

It was not so much about singing so you should just focus on HyunA's dancing since she was lipsyncing. Nothing can beat the original but HyunA does a sexy good job with this although it kind of bothers that she is still only 17 now.

credit: dailykpopnews1

Source: allkpop