Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JYP meets with Jaebeom!


Rumors have been circling for the past few days that JYP himself, would be flying to Seattle to meet and speak with former 2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom).

According to Newsen, we now have confirmation that the producer had met and shared a meal with Jay and his family on the 29th of September in Seattle.

A representative from JYPE confirmed by saying:

"On his way to New York, Park Jin Young made a quick stop in Seattle and met with Jaebeom and his family. They had a meal together, but what was discussed during their time together is unknown."

When asked about the 6 member 2PM and their future activities, the representative responded by saying that nothing has been decided yet.

So what does this meeting mean? Will Jaebeom return to Korea to resume his leadership or was it just a friendly visit? No one knows for sure, except JYP, Jay, and his family, but it's sure to stir up his fans and the Kpop community.
Source: allkpop