Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SNSD Release Samyang Ramyun CFs

We reported last week that the ever popular 9 girls of SNSD had been chosen to endorse Samyang Ramyun.

And the CFs have finally been released.

To make it special, they produced a special 'Boiling' song for the CF which has an easy and addictive melody. Along with the 'Boiling' song, a matching 'Boiling' dance was also cheoreographed for the CF as well. The slogan for the CF goes like this, 'Friendly Ramyun, SamYang Ramyun. If You're My Friend, SamYang Ramyun', how cute is that!

And to make good use of the 9 girls, they even filmed 4 separate endings for it.

The following two videos are behind the scenes from the CF filming.

Source: allkpop