Sunday, September 27, 2009

2NE1 100th Day Anniversary Picture Revealed

The 4 musketeer girl group 2NE1 celebrated their 100th anniversary back in August so what is this? This oddly cute and disturbing picture was taken on the day of their celebration but Sandara Park revealed in her Me2Day that, "The other girls of 2NE1 were asking why I hadn't put this up yet so I'm showing you all now."

The star also revealed that the 25th had been a wonderful day because they got to appear on stage again and to be in a big one too; the supermodel contest.

The picture is quite unique isn't it? There's a sexy fair skinned Park Bom, an ADORABLE Stitch version of Gong Minji, a cool and fresh CL, and comment. I love the girl and all but Dara is just plain weird...but in a cute way. But still weird. Whattaweiner.

credit: YGS21RoyalAceSubs

2NE1 are currently taking a break from the spotlight and working on their new material for a comeback in October.
Source: allkpop