Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tiffany returns to Music Core

SNSD's Tiffany who had been missing from Music Core as an MC has finally returned! Tiffany appeared once again on the September 26 episode of Music Core.

Tiffany, who had fallen ill, had to take time off to rest and receive treatment, with fellow SNSD members Sooyoung and Seohyun filling in for her for the past two weeks.

Yuri expressed great feelings of love saying, "My half has finally returned to the stage and I feel whole again!" Tiffany replied by saying "I missed you so much, as well! I was sad too, but now I'm back fully recovered and healthy as a horse." and promising to never be sick again.
Below is a video of September 26's Music Core with Tiffany and Yuri but just all the cuts of them doing their MC thang! It seems Tiffany's finally back with 110% peppiness and a lot of corny jokes.
Source. allkpop