Sunday, September 27, 2009

KBS Prepares Star’s Dream Chuseok Special

Did you ever wonder what top stars' dream performances are?

Well, with all the Chuseok Specials broadcasting soon, KBS will add another special, along with "Shall We Dance", called "Stars Dream - Sketch". This show will be about star singers performing their dream stage. Singers like Bada, Chae Yeon, 4minute, Sweet Sorrow, Koyote, JunJin, Lee Min Woo, FT Island, Tin Tin Five, Kim Jong Seo, Namolla Family, Hong Kyung Min, Go Yoo Jin, and T-Max have gathered to perform their dream stage.

You will be wondering just what kind of performances they will be doing, right? Well you better get prepared to watch this because it looks like it will be fun to watch. Past-idol group Shinhwa's member will have their Michael Jackson performance and legend rocker Kim Jong Seo will perform the band Queen's music, while Namolla Family will perform G-Dragon's music and sexy singer Chae Yeon will perform Uhm Jung Hwa's song "Invitation" - and that was only a few of scheduled performances.

That isn't all, there's more good news! The MCs are said to be SNSD's Yuri and Sunny!

I'm really looking forward to watching their performances!

Stay tuned to KBS 2TV's "Stars Dream - Sketch", on October 2nd, 8:30PM.
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