Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T-ara And Supernova To Unleash TTL Listen.2


We reported earlier that all 6 members each from T-ara and Supernova will come together to perform TTL (Time to Love) from October onwards. More details have now been revealed about their new promotion for the song.

TTL performed by Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon from T-ara and Jihyuk, Kwangsu and Gunil from Supernova have been super popular with fans since it's release on the 15th, ranking highly on various charts.


To breath more life into the song and freshen things up, Qri and Boram from T-ara and Yunhak, Sungje, Sungmo from Supernova will join the existing 7 members for the next round of TTL promotions, to form a large mixed gender group.

And to make the difference obvious to fans, the TTL song will be given a shake-up, with the rapping, song arrangement, music style all changed. In addition, the dance cheoreography will be reworked and oufits, hair, makeup and styling will all be different from what you see currently. Most importantly, TTL will be renamed TTL Listen.2.

Fans will just have to wait till 10th October where T-ara and Supernova will take to the stage at Dream Concert 2009 and perform TTL Listen.2.

Source: alllkpop