Friday, September 25, 2009

Han Hyo Joo to Make Her Singing Debut

Han Hyo Joo to Make Her Singing Debut ...well, not a debut as in becoming a formal artist per se, but Han Hyo Joo will be singing a few songs for her new music drama project titled "Soul Special" with Branded Entertainment.

"I have sung once in public at the 'Soul Special' showcase, but I'm not a professional singer so I was thinking that it might be a discourtesy for me to sing," she said with a smile. She also added, "I hope that everyone will just be nice about my singing."

Now, a little background info about this upcoming music drama, "Soul Special." This drama depicts the relationship of a man and a woman who are in show business. Han Hyo Joo will star as Jin Mia, who is a singer/songwriter. Others on the cast include Lee Chae-young, will take on the role of Min Sae-hee who is a hotelier and Kim Dong-wook will portray Mia's significant other.

This music drama will air around the end of October, and will be 60 minutes long, 5-minute previews of it will also be posted on Cyworld every Tuesday and Thursday starting from September 29th.

Come on... Han Hyo Joo singing? In a drama? This is definitely a must-see. But what do you guys think about her singing in this drama?
Source: allkpop