Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jung Il Woo Narrates for Dynamic Duo

You may have seen our proud young star, Jung Il Woo, on your television screen, but have you ever listened to him from your headphones? I say not, but you will soon.

Jung Il Woo volunteered to narrate for the title song, 'That Damn Guy', of Dynamic Duo's fifth album, planning to uncover its veils on the 6th of October. With the release date just around the corner, the album will be named, "Triple Dynamite". It's pretty self-explanatory who the third Dynamite is.
Jung Il Woo and Dynamic Duo (Choi Ja and Gaeko) are known for their sincere friendship, ultimately resulting in this surprise narrating. Of course, for an actor like him, karaoke scenes in dramas are probably the closest they've got to singing. Even if it is a narration which requires much less vocal, it still wouldn't be easy for Jung Il Woo.

Jung Il Woo revealed "It was very difficult for me to deliver my emotions through my voice. Being in the recording studio and away from the set, the tension was much higher. However, new experiences always give me the butterflies. I really enjoyed the recording."

He also added, "The songs included in their new album are amazing. I think it will be a hit", showing his passion and love towards the Dynamic Duo.

It almost seems like a trend for the non-singers to feature a song, and end up showing their singing potential hidden beneath their great talents in acting. Hoping this will follow to Jung Il Woo as well, I can't wait to listen to their undefeatable hip-hop come alive again.
Source. allkpop