Monday, September 28, 2009

Jung Hyung Don is Married to Taeyeon?

Probably the happiest man on earth at the moment, a famous comedian, Jung Hyung Don recently started his official life as a husband to his wife, Han Yura. Their adorable love sparked during their filming as an MC and a writer. The couple came back from their honeymoon, only to find an article with a picture of Jung Hyung Don in tux and Taeyeon of SNSD in a dress as if they were married.

Obviously, this was a silly mistake, yet humorous, done by the Hawaiian news site, The article stated clearly that "Jung Hyung Don and Han Yura" visited Hawaii for their honeymoon, which contrasts the photo right above the statement. This picture is an extract from an episode of SBS We Got Married, where Jung Hyung Don and Taeyeon appeared as a virtual couple. It also skyrocketed the number of antis full of hatred and jealousy toward Jung Hyung Don. So calm down, S♥NEs, Taeyeon's still fresh and single.

However, this is not the first time where a foreign press publishes Korean articles with a wrong picture. During the Beijing Olympics held not too long ago, an Indian news website displayed an image of Minho of SHINee for an article that congratulated the victory of Choi Min Ho, a Judo player. Last time I checked, Judo players don't prefer dancing in skinny jeans.
Source: allkpop