Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Church to take down Jaebeom’s fan forum

Ever since Jay Park (Jaebeom) left Korea and returned to his hometown in Seattle, his church, Seattle Glory Presbyterian church has been playing a key role in his life in more ways than one.

His pastor has talked to him, provided advice, and comforted him in his time of need but that's not all. Some time ago, his church told all his fans to send any fan letters or packages to the church so they can pass it along to him. This has been quite successful with many packages and thousands of letters flooding the church. The church also set up a forum specifically for fans on the official online church website for them to leave positive message for Jay to read and to help him through this hard time in his life.


But the church has just announced that they will now be closing down the forums; why? . . . you guessed it! One word: netizens.

It seems that many fans have been leaving encouraging messages on the church's forums for Jay, but the netizens got a hold of it and left discouraging and negative messages that were just inappropriate for a church website to have. The church has made their official decision and will be closing down the forums.
Source: allkpop