Sunday, September 27, 2009

BoA sings for Namco’s Tales of Graces


BoA, who has been trying to make a break in the US, temporarily returns to Japan to record the new title song of the immensely popular video game series, Tales.

Namco Bandai announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 that the main theme song for Tales of Graces, the 12th installment of the famous Japanese RPG (stands for role-playing game) series, is "まもりたい~White Wish~" (I want to protect her~White Wish~). Unfortunately the song has not been released yet, but I think it's safe to say that since it is BoA working with the Tales series (which has been known for its beautiful soundtrack), something amazing will come out. This may be the perfect combination for the avid video gamers and BoA fanboys (or girls). Tales of Graces is set to be released this December.

Below is the official trailer for Tales of Graces:

Cr: Akisazame92

Source: allkpop