Monday, September 28, 2009

Hyun Joong and Seungri Go On a Family Outing


It's been a long and painstaking wait for BBVIPs and quaintes, particularly after a series of unfortunate news ranging from Daesung's car accident to Hyun Joong's swine flu diagnosis. However, their patience has finally paid off because the episode of SBS program "Family Outing" featuring Seungri and Hyun Joong has been released and it certainly did not disappoint!

Big Bang's maknae made his first appearance on the show, decked out in a smooth white suit that was reminiscent of his "Strong Baby" days. However, his moment of glory was ephemeral as the 4-D prince from the ever-popular drama "Boys Over Flowers" arrived, bringing in his aura of unprecedented beauty with him. Nonetheless, just the presence of these two male idols was enough to lead the hearts of both fangirls and Lee Hyori to "almost paradise~".

Thanks to iBreatheLifeMusic, the episode with subs is currently up on YouTube. Knock yourself out!