Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Bang and Super Junior Clashing at Asia Song Festival 2009 Was Pure Bollocks

There was an outcry recently among netizens where it was reported by certain quarters of the media that Big Bang and Super Junior had "clashed" at the recently concluded Asia Song Festival 2009 on 19th September.

According to reports, Big Bang was supposed to close out the show but it was Super Junior who did it in the end. So it led to a furious Big Bang taking their 2NE1 colleagues and leaving the concert venue in the middle of it all, as their fans also left, leaving Super Junior performing to a half-empty crowd at the end. To add even more credibility, they even quoted Taiwanese singer, Show Luo saying that the competition between idol groups in Korea were intense.

But in actual fact, all the above was bollocks and had been cooked up by the Taiwanese media, of which they are famed for writing stories based on a single picture. Big Bang and 2NE1 had left early after performing at the Asia Song Festival 2009 because they had another show to perform at on the night, Global Gathering 2009. Show Luo even explained on his own show in Taiwan that he never said anything like that to the media and said that he loved Big Bang and were good friends with Super Junior, citing that he had filmed a CF with Super Junior-M earlier in the year.

Blind translation from Korean articles without prior knowledge of what you are writing is just pure laziness. While we can't say that nothing "dirty" goes behind the scenes, but this was definitely not the case at the Asia Song Festival 2009.

So rest easy, VIPs and ELFs.
Source: allkpop