Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hottest male idol according to girl groups


Ever wondered which male idol makes our favourite girl groups drool?

Here is your answer. Yesterday's episode of KBS2TV's "Champagne" was titled girl group special. During the show, co-hosts Shin Dong Yup and Shin Bong Sun asked guests - Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, After School and 4Minute - to pick the hottest male idol out there. They started out with 16 candidates divided into 8 pairs - whoever got the higher vote out of the pair proceeded to the next round.

What made this tournament more exciting than it already was is the fact that ex-2PM leader Jaebeom was one of 16 candidates - and he went on to rock everyone. He knocked out his team mate Nichkhun in the first round, left G-Dragon heartbroken in the second round, then showed SHINee's Min Ho that a boy cannot beat a beast to move onto the finals. He lost to Rain's ninja skills in the finals, but the tournament really showed his popularity among his female collegues.

HyunAh of 4Minute said "Nichkhun is a bit too tall, I prefer something closer to Jaebeom's size", and her team mate So Hyun added "His body is amazing, got to love those 'chocolate abs'".

Here is the full recap of the tournament: In final 16, G-Dragon came on top of TOP, Jaebeom beat Nichkhun, Min Ho beat Tae Min, Shi Won dominated Hee Chul, Yun Ho won over Chang Min, Hyun Joong topped Min Ho, Rain beat Lee Seung Ki and Alex beat Boom. Min Ho, Yun Ho, Rain, and Jaebeom became final 4 - and Rain came out to be the number one.

The episode was filmed on September 1st, when Jae Bum was still a part of 2PM. Lets hope that Jaebeom gets motivated to come back to Korea after watching this show.

Source: allkpop


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I was hoping Rain would come first place! XD