Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alex and Kang Ho Dong are Dirty Eyed Girls

If you recall, the boys of 2AM and 2PM parodied the Brown Eyed Girls as the Dirty Eyed Girls in the summer with a very bromantic music video of them at a sauna.

Well it seems it didn't end there when one male contestant came out on Star King parodying the Dirty Eyed Girls. Along with the contestant, 2AM's Seulong and the king of ssanti, Jo Kwon, came out to shake their hips as well.

It seems like their milkshake is damn right better than yours because it brought the boys to the yard; specifically Alex of Clazziquai and Star King MC Kang Ho Dong. It's quite surprising how well Alex was able to move his hips...very interesting...and our favorite MC gave in after peer pressure took effect; resulting in one of the most hilarious and rigid dance movements I have ever seen.

You can watch the hilarity happen here:

You can also reopen old wounds here:

Source. allkpop