Thursday, September 24, 2009

f(x) To Perform Overseas

Recently debuted idol group f(x) is set to perform overseas.

On October 6th, they will perform in an Olympic Sailing Center, in Qingdao China, for the "2009 Korea-China Song Festival". They will be performing their debut hit single "La Cha TA".

They are emerging, and taking a step, to show that they are one of the best idol groups in Asia. This is a special performance for f(x) because Qingdao is the home town of f(x)'s Chinese-member Victoria.

"2009 Korea-China Song Festival" is to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the relationship between Korea and China and celebrate the friendship of the two countries. Other Asia superstars such as Super Junior-M, Bang Bang Tang, Xin Xiao Qi, and Ah Du will also be performing at this event.

It's really great to see f(x) taking a step to stand out amongst all these idol girl groups. Best of luck to the girls!
Source: allkpop