Thursday, September 24, 2009

TaeYang to make his solo comeback

big bang

Big Bang member TaeYang's solo comeback is right around the corner!

YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated on YGE's homepage on the 24th:

"Around mid month in October, we will release digitally, TaeYang's new single "WHERE U AT," and Music Video first. As for the full album, we have not decided on the release date yet. In addition, TaeYang's first mini-album promotions were very short, so this time around, for his first full album, we are working on ways to allow TaeYang to promote for a long time."

Yang Hyun Suk also stated that in the first week of December, G-Dragon will hold a 2 day solo concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.
Source: allkpop