Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kim So Eun Gets Sued

Despite initially stating that there were no issues with Kim So Eun's withdrawal from 4th Period Murder Mystery movie in June, the production company, Sway Entertainment has now backtracked on that decision and have filed a lawsuit against Kim So Eun.

Sway Entertainment filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central Court on 22nd September, asking for Kim So Eun to return all appearance fees paid to her during the filming of the movie and compensation for her backing out of the contract.

The lawsuit stated that Sway Entertainment had given Kim So Eun 40 million KRW as appearance fees. But due to fatique and scheduling conflicts, Kim So Eun had to drop the movie role in the middle of filming. Sway Entertainment claimed that although Kim So Eun said that she was exhausted, she still went on to film a MV for 8Eight and appear at other events, and thus failed to adhere to terms as stated in the contract.

N.O.A Entertainment expressed disbelief, "Filming for the movie was already 80% completed and then they changed the director suddenly, forcing the movie to be reshot again. But we couldn't comply with that as that would interfere with So Eun's schedule for The Man Who Can't Marry. And after discussions with them, it was decided that So Eun would drop out of the movie with no issues at all between all parties."

N.O.A Entertainment added, "They are obviously trying to shift the blame onto someone. We were only following what has already been planned beforehand for Kim So Eun. If the need arises, we will file a counter lawsuit against them."

Newbie actress Kang Sora stepped in for Kim So Eun after the latter opted out, while Yoo Seung Ho continued filming for the movie.

And an extra tidbit, the movie bombed at the box office.
Source: allkpop