Thursday, September 24, 2009

JunJin & UEE duet in His and Her Situation!

Several of Korea's popular idols are gathering together and Shinhwa's Jun Jin and After School's UEE have joined the likes of Brown Eyed Girls, K. Will, Tei, and Kan Mi Youn to collaborate for a digital album in the "Age of Young Composers Project".

Based on elements of meetings, love, and seperations (also known as Fate, Love,and Farewell) these young composers plan to release a digital album. This album will also contain a photo album and a music video into a single player of new digital content that is sure to impress you. This new transformation of digital technology is to become a new trend of business in the digital industry and this album will be its business model.

Not much has been revealed about the shroud of mystery surrounding this new technology but information of the music has been released. Jun Jin and UEE has tackled the first theme of "meetings" by performing a duet in a that guy/that girl situation. The song is titled "His and Her situation" and also features singer Suk Hee.

Source. allkpop