Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ga-In Discharged from Hospital

Earlier on, we reported that Ga-In had been hospitalized for fatique, after working on a CF for 3 consecutive days with minimal sleep. After staying in the hospital for a day following treatment, it was revealed that Ga-In has been discharged from the hospital this morning.

According to a representaive from Nega Network, "Ga-In was discharged from hospital this morning. Her physical condition has improved a lot but we will still be looking out for her health within the next few days. She has shown a great eagerness to get back with her group members for activities."

The representative added, "Ga-In will continue her rest at home today before flying off to America with the other Brown Eyed Girls members on the 24th for the Chuseok Festival in New York City this weekend from 26 - 27th September. The girls will be there for a week, and other than the performances, they will be taking a much-needed vacation after a punishing schedule for their Abracadabra promotions."
Source: allkpop