Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2PM Jaebeom’s Final Moments in Korea… a future return?


Before boarding onto an aircraft heading to Seattle Washington, 2PM’s ex-leader, Jay Park, hung his head in shame and repeatedly apologized to his fans about the myspace comments in which he denounced Korea. When asked about his plans in America, he opened up about plans to study music and also stated that he will be back after studying music in America. Although he is no longer a member of 2PM, his passion towards music has clearly not dissipated.

Before departing, Jay "JaeBeom / Jaebum" Park gave his final interview- beginning with, “What can I possibly say?” He went on to declare how sorry he was to the 2PM members who trusted and followed him, along with his loving fans. He continued on, “I’m sorry that I have to leave like this. I decided to leave 2PM but I wasn’t able to carry out my duties as a leader and have become a burden to the group.”

Many have commented on Jay’s solemn face, stating how this situation has affected him; his face showcases the stress he has been enduring and his voice was also low. He repeated the words, “I’m sorry” a number of times and could not hold his head up.

To ensure the safety of his fans, Park quietly entered a gate different than the one on his ticket, and the fans who later realized this could not hide their disappointment. Many fans even rushed to the 3rd floor restaurant and pushed up against the glass wall to view his final moments in Korea.

I am deeply saddened by the ability of such small events to catapult into the ending of a talented and charismatic individual’s career. I’m sure most Korean-Americans have at one point stated, “I hate Korea,” and it’s not because they actually hate the country. Rather, Americans- or Korean-Americans- are known to use the words “hate” and “love” more often than other cultures; it’s just a matter of cultural wordplay. Obviously, his words were not thoughtfully chosen, he was just a teen back then and he is deeply sorry now. When allkpop met him at the MTV Studios back in March, Jay was one of the nicest and coolest guys around. It's terrible to see this happen to him. I miss him already! Fighting 2PM!

cr: Symbelmyns

A/N: All I can hope now is he will be back soon and continues with they other 2pm members.