Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lee Si Young on her break up with Jun Jin

Boys Over Flowers actress, Lee Si Young, left a meaningful message on her mini homepage today, in regards to her break up with Shinhwa member Jun Jin.

She wrote, "To the bone, Faena," and indirectly revealed the hardship she is going through.

The word 'Faena' is used when a bullfighter continuously stabs a bull deeply before it dies in order to show off his skills. Lee Si Young seems to use this term to describe the 'bone-deep' pain she is feeling from the break up.

After leaving this message, Lee Si Young deleted all photos of Jun Jin on her mini hompy; whereas Jun Jin seemed to leave a few photos on his hompy.

Despite all the tragedy, both seem to be doing alright professionally. Jun Jin is busy with his schedule as a singer, while Lee Si Young is keeping busy with dramas and movies.