Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, 2PM!


September 4 marked 2PM's first year anniversary, and I'm not sure how to react - on one hand, I vividly remember the sevensome's debut days, yet it often feels like they've been number one idols for a long time.

Regardless of whether time has flown by or not for you, it's been an explosive year for this multitasking guy group - from their hottt debut with 10 Out of 10 to their 2009 hit, Again and Again, 2PM has securely nailed down its spot in the top echelon of idols, and it doesn't seem like they're planning to go away any time fast. 2PM has snagged the hearts of many people, obscure or famous, Korean or international, with strong fanbases in Asia and the States especially. Yeah, we've also got DBSK, Big Bang and FT Island just to list a few guy groups - but 2PM rocks 'hot' like no other.

2PM, who had been promoting in Thailand, actually arrived back in Korea just this morning. With their mind still fresh with memories of "The Land of Smiles", the members hadn't realized the significance of September 4 and were greeted with a surprise upon their return. On top of receiving a typical homecoming from loved ones & colleagues, the boys got the bonus of an anniversary celebration, complete with a cake and countless returning gifts & letters. Many Hottests directly visited the JYPE office in Seoul and directly provided home-made barbecued food to the JYPE staff, which made the anniversary even more special. With international fans from cities as far away as Chicago, USA (I happen to have grown up there, so those fans are extra awesome) visiting to pay their congratulations, the hullabaloo had an exciting atmosphere reminiscent of a festival.

The members reported expressed their gratitude in the fans' gifts, truly appreciating the great love, declaring their love for their fans and promising to work harder in the future.

Now, for a walk down memory lane... (Though, if you want to speed up & switch lanes into the news update freeway, feel free to do so here.)

Debut song, 10 Out of 10 MV (August 2008)

2PM's Debut Stage with 10 Out of 10 (September 2008)

cr. sincee1993

2009 Comeback song, Again & Again MV (April 2009)

I Hate You, live performance (June 2009)

cr. ss10yaya

I kind of miss seeing these boys on stage now. Luckily, the new album is reportedly in full preparation for recording, so stay tuned for further developments. And if you haven't already, make sure to check out our friends at 2ONEDAY!