Monday, October 5, 2009

Yuri and Seohyun fight for Lee Seung Gi’s Love


Yuri, Seohyun, and Lee Seung Gi were among the many guests on today's episode of KBS Champagne. Lee Seung Gi was the one chosen for playing the hit game, Ideal Type World Cup where the players picks their ideal type out of a pair until he/she ends up with one person that is closest to their ideal type.

When Yuri and Seohyun came up against each other they both showed their best talent in front of Lee Seung Gi so they could win his heart. Yuri performed her rendition of Jennifer Lopez's Get Right for the second time after she did it on Music Core. And Seohyun sang "Beautiful Girl" which she sang with her fellow members on the show Music Travel LaLaLa.

For a guy, it definitely would be hard choosing one out of the two. Curious about who Lee Seung Gi went with? I sure was.

Check out their performances and find out who Lee Seung Gi chooses:

Source: allkpop