Monday, October 5, 2009

Lee Seung Gi Wanted To Be Baek Ji Young’s Ear Candy

During a special recording for the Chuseok holiday on KBS 2TV 'Lee Seung Gi's Ideal World Cup', Lee Seung Gi revealed his heartbroken feelings in a surprising confession to his sunbae Baek Ji Young.

The singer-actor expressed that he felt jealous and sad that she chose 2PM's TaecYeon as the featured artist in "My Ear's Candy", a song which has been receiving much love from the public.

The heart throb of young teenage girls and their mothers admitted to Baek Ji Young, "If you contacted me, I would have done the duet song with you", sending her into a state of shock.

"I have watched her since her debut," he added, revealing that he had always been a fan of Baek Ji Young. "Although she may seem like an impassive person, I think she is the type to become compassionate in front of love."

Also featured in this episode were Han Sung Joo, Jang Hee Jin, Jewelry's Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young, SNSD's Yuri and Seo Hyun, and Park Ji Sun.

Check out one of their hot performances below.

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Seeing as how TaecYeon and Baek Ji Young get so intimate with each other on stage (damn you, woman!), one can't help but sympathize with Lee Seung Gi and feel a crapload tad bit envious of the two.

However, I find it difficult to imagine the actor from "Shining Inheritance" replacing TaecYeon and his intoxicating, deep voice, but what do you guys think? Would he have made a good substitue for the beastly idol from 2PM?
Source: allkpop