Monday, October 5, 2009

Lee Hyori does Kara’s Butt Dance and Brown Eyed Girls’ Saucy Hip move

On today's episode of Family Outing we got to see Korea's dancing queen Lee Hyori dance to these days' hottest dances. Not only did she master the Butt Dance that Kara does for "Mister" but she also taught the Saucy Hip move of the Brown Eyed Girls to this week's guest, Jang Hyuk.

She drew quite a lot of attention when she showed how much she's been keeping up with the latest music scene.

To shake out the fear of the activity, mountain gliding, she showed to her fellow Family Outing members how good she is at the Butt Dance. She even starts out by saying, "You know, I mastered the Butt Dance." Of course she did. She's done danced of "So Hot", "Girls' Generation", "Wanna", "Fire", and "I Don't Care" so the "Mister" dance doesn't come as a surprise to me.

Check out the video of her doing the dance. She's in sweats and shorts yet she still seems to pull it off. Starts 5:26.

Then comes the Saucy Hip move. After Jang Hyuk successfully completed his mountain gliding, Hyori asks him to do a ceremony. When she teaches him the Saucy Hip move, he admits that he's a terrible dancer. But Hyori doesn't let him off the hook that easy. She forces him to dance and when he does, she cracks up at his awkward version of the Saucy Hip move. I don't blame her, he looks pretty hilarious dancing to it. No wonder he warned Hyori.

Check out Hyori and Jang Hyuk's Saucy Hip move, starts at 1:10 and keeps coming back until about 7:12. Everytime a Family member completes the gliding, Jang Hyuk's saucy moves come back out.

Jang Hyuk definitely did not beat the original, but in terms of comedy, he definitely set a new record. But how about Hyori?
Source: allkpop